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10 Must-Attend Festivals Around the World in 2023


Festivals are a great way to experience the culture and traditions of a place while also having a lot of fun. In 2023, there are several exciting festivals taking place around the world that you shouldn’t miss. From music festivals to cultural celebrations, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will be discussing 10 must-attend festivals around the world in 2023.

1. Carnival In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous and extravagant festivals in the world. It takes place every year in February or March, and in 2023 it will be held from February 24th to March 1st. The carnival is known for its colourful parades, samba music, and dance performances. The festivities last for several days, and the streets are filled with people celebrating.

2. Holi Festival In India

The Holi Festival is a vibrant and colourful festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated in India and other parts of the world by throwing coloured powder and water on each other. The festival usually takes place in March, and in 2023 it will be held on March 14th and 15th. It is a joyous occasion, and everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

3. Glastonbury Festival, UK

The Glastonbury Festival is one of the most famous music festivals in the world. It takes place in Somerset, UK, and attracts over 200,000 people every year. The festival showcases a wide variety of music genres, from rock to electronic to folk. In 2023, the festival will take place from June 21st to 25th.

4. Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival, and it takes place every year in Munich, Germany. The festival celebrates Bavarian culture and tradition, and it is known for its large beer tents, traditional food, and music. In 2023, Oktoberfest will take place from September 16th to October 3rd.

5. Day Of The Dead Festival, Mexico

The Day of the Dead Festival is a Mexican holiday that honours the dead. It is a colourful and joyful celebration that takes place from October 31st to November 2nd every year. The festival involves creating altars, decorating graves, and holding parades. It is a unique and beautiful way to honour and remember loved ones who have passed away.

6. Diwali Festival, India

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, and it is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, and it is celebrated with colourful lights, fireworks, and delicious food. In 2023, Diwali will be celebrated on November 2nd.

7. Tomorrowland, Belgium

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, featuring top DJs and performers from around the globe. The festival takes place in a stunning fairytale-like setting and has become a must-attend event for electronic music lovers

8. La Tomatina Festival, Spain

La Tomatina is a unique festival that takes place in the town of Buñol, Spain. It is a food fight festival where participants throw tomatoes at each other. The festival takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year, and in 2023 it will be held on August 30th.

9.  Lantern Festival, Taiwan

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that takes place on the 15th day of the lunar new year. It is a beautiful and colourful festival where people release lanterns into the sky. In Taiwan, the festival is celebrated in Pingxi, and in 2023 it will be held on February 18th.

10. Pushkar Camel Fair, India

The Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the most famous festivals in India, and it is held every year in the town of Pushkar. The fair is a celebration of the coming together of people from all walks of life to trade camels and other livestock, as well as to participate in a variety of competitions, such as camel races, beauty contests, and tug-of-war.

11. Running Of The Bulls, Spain

The Running of the Bulls is a world-famous festival that takes place in Pamplona, Spain. Participants run through the streets alongside a group of bulls, risking injury and even death in pursuit of an adrenaline rush and the chance to participate in this historic tradition.


Attending festivals is an amazing way to explore and experience the unique culture and traditions of different countries. In this article, we have covered 10 must-attend festivals around the world in 2023. From the colourful Holi festival in India to the lively Oktoberfest in Germany, these festivals are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Whether you are interested in music, food, art, or just want to have a good time, these festivals offer something for everyone. From the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival to the awe-inspiring hot air balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, these festivals showcase the diversity and creativity of human culture.

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