10 Must-Try Fusion Cuisine Restaurants Around the World


Fusion cuisine is a unique, creative, and often mouth-watering blend of two or more culinary styles from different cultures. It’s a delicious way to experience the diverse flavors of the world without leaving your seat. From Paris to Tokyo, these ten must-try fusion cuisine restaurants around the world are sure to tantalize your taste buds and give you an unforgettable culinary experience. From a hipster gastropub in London to a seafood-focused restaurant in Hong Kong, these restaurants showcase the best of global cuisine. So grab a bite and explore the world of fusion cuisine with these ten must-try fusion cuisine restaurants around the world. Bon appétit!

Nobu, multiple locations

Founded by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu is a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant with locations around the world. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the famous Black Cod Miso and the Tiradito, Peruvian-style sashimi. Nobu’s menu is a perfect blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, which provides a unique and exciting dining experience. The restaurant has a contemporary interior design and a trendy atmosphere that attracts a sophisticated crowd.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa started his career as a sushi chef in Tokyo, Japan. He later moved to Peru, where he discovered the country’s rich culinary tradition and blended it with his Japanese techniques. This fusion style became his signature, and he opened his first Nobu restaurant in New York in 1994. Today, Nobu has locations in major cities worldwide, such as London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

The Purple Pig, Chicago, USA

The Purple Pig is a Mediterranean and Italian-inspired restaurant located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The restaurant offers a variety of small plates and charcuterie that showcase the flavors of Italy, Greece, and Spain. The menu features a range of dishes, from classic Italian pasta to Greek lamb chops and Spanish octopus. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the milk-braised pork shoulder and fried pigs’ ears.

The Purple Pig has a lively and cozy atmosphere that attracts a diverse crowd, from foodies to locals. The restaurant’s interior design features a mix of wood, metal, and brick, creating a rustic yet chic ambiance.

Gaggan, Bangkok, Thailand

Gaggan is a progressive Indian restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant’s Chef Gaggan Anand has won several accolades, including being ranked as Asia’s Best Restaurant multiple times. Gaggan’s menu offers a modern take on Indian cuisine, blending traditional flavors with contemporary techniques. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the famous Yoghurt Explosion dessert and the deconstructed Chicken Tikka.

The restaurant’s interior design is minimalistic, with white walls and simple furniture, putting the focus on the food. Gaggan’s menu changes frequently, depending on the season and the chef’s creativity.

Comptoir Libanais, London, UK

Comptoir Libanais is a Lebanese restaurant located in London’s South Kensington neighborhood. The restaurant offers a fresh and modern twist on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. The menu features a range of dishes, from hummus and tabbouleh to lamb kofta tagine and halloumi and vegetable skewers. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the chicken and pomegranate moussaka and the halloumi and za’atar manoushe.

Comptoir Libanais has a vibrant and colorful interior design, with mosaic tiles, Arabic lanterns, and wall paintings that evoke the spirit of the Middle East. The restaurant’s casual and relaxed atmosphere attracts a diverse crowd, from families to students.

Ho Lee Fook, Hong Kong

Ho Lee Fook is a modern Chinese restaurant located in Hong Kong’s Central District. The restaurant blends traditional Cantonese flavors with a modern twist, creating a unique and exciting dining experience. The menu features a range of dishes, from crispy prawn toast to kurobuta pork belly and Hong Kong-style French toast. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the short rib with jalapeño purée and the wagyu beef brisket with Szechuan peppercorns.

Ho Lee Fook has a trendy and stylish interior design, with exposed brick walls, neon signs, and graffiti art. The restaurant’s upbeat and lively atmosphere attracts a young and hip crowd.

Frenchie, Paris, France

Frenchie is a Parisian restaurant that serves modern French cuisine with a twist. The restaurant’s Chef Gregory Marchand creates dishes that combine French techniques with global flavors, resulting in a unique and sophisticated dining experience. The menu features a range of dishes, from escargot with hazelnut butter to veal tartare with smoked eel and poached egg. The restaurant’s signature dishes include roast pork with kimchi and pigeon with black garlic and miso.

Frenchie has a cozy and intimate atmosphere, with dim lighting and a minimalist interior design. The restaurant’s small size and popularity make it difficult to get a reservation, so it’s recommended to book well in advance.

Hija de Sanchez, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hija de Sanchez is a Mexican-inspired taqueria located in Copenhagen’s Torvehallerne market. The restaurant’s Chef Rosio Sanchez blends Mexican and Nordic flavors, creating a unique and surprising dining experience. The menu features a range of tacos, from classic al pastor to unconventional fillings like cod and beetroot. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the carne asada with bone marrow and the churros with dulce de leche.

Hija de Sanchez has a lively and casual atmosphere, with a colorful and vibrant interior design. The taqueria’s location in the bustling Torvehallerne market adds to the restaurant’s charm and authenticity.

Coya, Dubai, UAE

Coya is a Peruvian restaurant located in Dubai’s Four Seasons Resort. The restaurant’s Chef Sanjay Dwivedi creates dishes that blend traditional Peruvian flavors with modern techniques. The menu features a range of dishes, from ceviche and tiradito to grilled meats and seafood. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the anticuchos, a Peruvian-style kebab, and the arroz con mariscos, a seafood rice dish.

Coya has a stylish and luxurious interior design, with vibrant colors, rich fabrics, and Latin American art. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere and live music performances create a festive and enjoyable dining experience.

Morimoto, New York City, USA

Morimoto is a Japanese-American fusion restaurant located in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. The restaurant’s Chef Masaharu Morimoto blends Japanese techniques with Western ingredients, resulting in dishes that are both elegant and flavorful. The menu features a range of dishes, from sushi and sashimi to duck and lamb chops. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the toro tartare with caviar and the black cod miso.

Morimoto has a modern and sleek interior design, with a sushi bar and an open kitchen that allow diners to see the chefs at work. The restaurant’s celebrity status and Michelin-starred cuisine make it a popular destination for foodies and tourists.

La Cevicheria, Cartagena, Colombia

La Cevicheria is a seafood restaurant located in Cartagena’s historic center. The restaurant’s Chef Jorge Escandon specializes in ceviche, a traditional Latin American dish made with raw fish marinated in citrus juices. The menu features a range of ceviche varieties, from classic to inventive combinations like octopus and avocado. The restaurant’s signature dishes include the shrimp ceviche with mango and the mixed ceviche with scallops, squid, and octopus.

La Cevicheria has a casual and laid-back atmosphere, with an outdoor patio and colorful decorations. The restaurant’s location in the charming historic center adds to its authentic and charming vibe.


Fusion cuisine restaurants offer a unique dining experience that combines different cultures and flavors. From Peruvian-Japanese to Mexican-Nordic, these restaurants push the boundaries of traditional cuisine and create dishes that are innovative and exciting.

Whether you’re a foodie looking for a new culinary adventure or a traveler seeking to experience the local cuisine with a twist, these 10 must-try fusion cuisine restaurants around the world will satisfy your cravings and leave you with unforgettable memories.

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