The Sweet Spot: Where To Find The Best Mid-Range Hotels For Your Next Getaway


When planning a vacation or getaway, finding the right hotel can be a crucial part of the experience. While luxury hotels offer unparalleled amenities and comfort, they often come with a hefty price tag. On the other hand, budget hotels can save you money but often sacrifice quality and convenience. That’s where mid-range hotels come in – offering a balance between affordability and comfort. Here’s where to find the best mid-range hotels for your next getaway.

Look Beyond The Major Hotel Chains

While major hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton offer reliable service and brand recognition, they often come with a higher price tag. By exploring independent and boutique hotels, you may find mid-range options with unique character and lower prices. Websites like and TripAdvisor allow you to filter by hotel type, making it easy to find independent and boutique hotels in your preferred destination.

Consider Hotel Loyalty Programs

While it may seem counterintuitive, hotel loyalty programs can actually save you money on mid-range hotels. Joining a loyalty program can give you access to exclusive discounts and perks that can make a mid-range hotel even more affordable. Additionally, some mid-range hotel chains, such as IHG and Accor, offer their own loyalty programs that offer mid-range hotels at a discount.

Look For Mid-Range Hotels In Business Districts

If you’re looking for a mid-range hotel in a city, consider looking in business districts. These areas often have an abundance of mid-range hotels that cater to business travellers during the week, but offer more affordable rates on weekends and during slow periods. Additionally, business districts are often located near public transportation, making it easy to explore the city without breaking the bank on transportation costs.

Check For Seasonal Promotions And Offers

Many mid-range hotels offer seasonal promotions and offers to entice travellers during slower periods. For example, hotels in beach destinations may offer discounts during the offseason or include beach amenities like chairs and towels with your stay. Keep an eye out for these offers on hotel websites or sign up for their email newsletters to stay up-to-date.

Look For Mid-Range Hotels In Up-And-Coming Neighbourhoods

As neighbourhoods gentrify and become more popular, mid-range hotels often follow suit. By staying in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, you can get a taste of the local culture while still enjoying mid-range amenities. Plus, mid-range hotels in these areas may be more affordable than those in established tourist areas.

Don’t Discount Hostels

While hostels may not be the first choice for mid-range accommodations, they are worth considering if you’re travelling solo or on a tight budget. Many hostels offer private rooms with en-suite bathrooms that offer more privacy and comfort than traditional dorm-style accommodations. Additionally, hostels often have communal spaces like kitchens and lounges where you can meet other travellers and share tips and experiences.

Consider Airbnb And Vacation Rentals

If you’re looking for more space and flexibility, Airbnb and vacation rentals may be a good option for mid-range accommodations. Many vacation rentals offer similar amenities to mid-range hotels, like fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities, while also offering more space and privacy. Additionally, booking a vacation rental can be more cost-effective if you’re travelling with a group.

Look For Hotels With Free Amenities

When comparing mid-range hotels, be sure to check for free amenities that can save you money in the long run. For example, some mid-range hotels offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking, which can add up to significant savings over the course of your stay. Additionally, hotels with on-site amenities like fitness centres and pools can save you money on outside gym memberships and entertainment.


In conclusion, finding the best mid-range hotel for your next getaway requires a bit of research and consideration. By identifying your budget and travel needs, looking for deals and promotions, considering location and amenities, and reading reviews from other travellers, you can find a mid-range hotel that offers both comfort and affordability. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, taking the time to find the sweet spot can help ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay. So, start your search today and discover the perfect mid-range hotel for your next adventure.

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